I have had the hydration backpack for about a month now and it works perfectly. I am a long distance cyclist; carrying and worrying about a water bottle is a pain, so glad I found this pack for my weekend travels.


What a Deal! I got this hydration pack for my summer trip to Miami and it worked out great!


I use this hydration backpack just about once a week during my mountain bike rides, works great, no complaints. 5 stars!


I got the hydro-pack about a month ago to take to my family vacation in India where the weather was hot and muggy. Thank goodness for this hydration backpack as it saved us time and money by not stopping every hour for a fresh water bottle. The bladder kept our water cold and refreshing during our time out there exploring.

Andy From SD

Finally, I don’t have to hold a large water bottle during my beach walks with my wife. Living in San Diego where it is always warm, this hydration backpack is a must! If you’re an outdoor person then get yourself one of these for about $20 , you cannot go wrong. PackMasters you Rock!

Samantha P.

I have been looking for a camelbak type of product for quite some time, I have been discouraged with some other brand products in the past given their durability during my long hikes. I have finally found a durable, easy-to-use, and most of all affordable reservoir hydration backpack for my outdoor activities. At the price you cannot lose! It holds my essentials during my hike and keeps me hydrated with all the water that I may need during my time on the trail. Thank you PackMasters, you’re the best!


I borrowed this hydration backpack from a friend one time on a hike because I was thirsty and holding my own water bottle during our hike. I must say this came in handy and I liked it so much I had to get one. I have heard of the camel packs and I did some research and found this brand is way more cost efficient. This Hydration pack has not let me down thus far, I have used it about a dozen times and have had no problems at all!


Good Buy


I bought it over a month ago, and I must say it is pretty solid. I use it daily, and it hasn't leaked! Very comfortable and you can adjust the size (I'm 5"4 and my bf 6"3 perfect fit).

Arealle L.

Husband Loves It


Bought this for husband and he loves it!

Joseph W.

Overall well built and comfortable


Overall well built and comfortable. So far it has held up better than my friends Camelbak after a dozen hikes and a few off-road days.


Amazing Packs!!


These packs are seriously AWESOME!! My boyfriend and I are always outdoors; biking, hiking, backpacking or even just taking long walks with our pups. These packs are light weight, comfortable, and carry the perfect amount of water. Well made and very durable! Highly recommend this to any fellow outdoor lover!!

Mr. Butler

Quality Product


This is great pack at a great price. The mouthpiece is easy to drink from, comfortable, not bulky at all. I find no reason to spend lots of $$$$$ on a camelbak. Stay hydrated. This will keep cool at least 3 hours. Serves its purpose.

*Some of the reviews are from when we were selling the products on Amazon.